CVSan Recognized for Excellence in Worker Safety!

Castro Valley Sanitary District (CVSan) is honored to receive the California Sanitation Risk Management Authority (CSRMA) 2022-2023 Workers’ Compensation Excellence Award. This award recognizes CVSan’s current and planned safety procedures designed to reduce workplace hazards.  CSRMA manages a self-insurance pool comprised of 59 wastewater special districts throughout California to provide insurance coverage for its members.  As part of their efforts to help members prevent employee injuries and control the costs of workers’ compensation claims, CSRMA sponsors the annual Workers’ Compensation Excellence Award program.

The application process for the award is rigorous. It requires members to complete several safety measures that go beyond what is required by the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA), with the goal being injury prevention. The qualifying criteria represent state-of-the-art injury prevention efforts commonly found in high-risk industries such as the wastewater industry. 

This award is the result of CVSan’s commitment to reducing the risk of loss, maintaining fiscal stability, ensuring employee safety, and protecting public resources. CVSan’s safety efforts increase worker safety and reduce the likelihood of experiencing workers’ compensation claims, which can decrease operating costs and has a direct positive impact on CVSan as an organization, its staff, and the residents of Castro Valley. CVSan is proud to be an agency committed to taking safety efforts to a higher level.