Community Advisory Committee

CVSan’s Community Advisory Committee (CAC) represents the community's interests by providing a voice directly to the Board of Directors (Board). They serve as a body of independent thought to provide feedback on specific items to CVSan’s staff and Board. The CAC also represents CVSan at least at one community outreach event per year. CAC members are appointed by CVSan Board Members. CAC meetings are facilitated by a chair and vice-chair, who are elected by Committee members annually every January. CVSan staff attends meetings to provide information to the CAC and record minutes. CAC meetings begin at 6:00 p.m. on the second Thursday of every other month and are held at CVSan’s Main Office located at 21040 Marshall Street, Castro Valley. There are no meetings in February, April, June, August, October, and December. Additionally, May and November meetings occur at an alternative location. Meetings are open to the public and CAC meeting agendas can be found at the Agendas and Minutes Page.

Committee Members
The CAC consists of up to twelve members, all of whom serve without compensation and benefits. Committee Members serve two-year terms beginning on the first of the year.

Committee Member Current Term Appointed By Term History
Barbara Nagy 2024 - 2025 Board Member  - Danny Akagi Committee Member since January 2016
Michelle Cheng, Vice-Chair 2024 - 2025 Board Member - Tim McGowan Committee Member since January 2022
Jesse Bick, Chair 2023 - 2024 Board Member - Danny Akagi Committee Member since January 2023
Yon Hardisty 2024 - 2025 Board Member - Kristy (Dooman) Woerz Committee Member since January 2024
Leah Walke 2024 - 2025 Board Member - Dave Sadoff Committee Member since January 2024
Sejal Naik 2024 - 2025 General Manager - Roland Williams Committee Member since March 2023
Ellen Griffen 2024 - 2025 Board Member - Dave Sadoff Committee Member since January 2024
Guy Sandoval  2024 - 2025 Board Member - Ralph Johnson Committee Member 2009-2014, January 2017
Matt Turner 2023 - 2024 General Manager - Roland Williams Committee Member since January 2023
Dennis Waespi 2023 - 2024 Board Member - Kristy (Dooman) Woerz Committee Member since April 2011
Gary Wolff 2023 - 2024 Board Member - Ralph Johnson Committee Member 2005-2009,  January 2019
Christina Huang 2023-2024 Board Member - Tim McGowan Committee Member since September 2023

CAC Members may resign from the Committee by written notice to the President of the Board and Chair of the Committee. A vacancy on the CAC prior to completion of a term, for any cause, will be filled by an appointment of the Board Member who appointed the Committee Member to the vacated position. All appointments shall be ratified by the full Board at the Regular January Board meeting or at the next regular Board meeting following a proposed appointment.

Committee Member Responsibilities
  • Attend and participate in CAC meetings that occur once every other month (average 6 per year). CAC Members are expected to attend all meetings and miss no more than two per year or more than two meetings in a row. Attendance is taken at each meeting and reported to the Board several times a year at Board meetings. CAC Members attending less than two meetings annually or missing two meetings in a row may be removed by a simple majority of the Board.
  • Attend a minimum of one Board meeting per year to report on the previous CAC meeting and present CAC recommendations.
  • Attend other meetings as scheduled.
  • Attend tours and field trips to various locations and sites of interest to CVSan.
  • Read all materials and be prepared to participate in meetings.
  • Fully participate in areas of interest and knowledge.
  • Fully understand that the Board is responsible for setting policy for CVSan operations, therefore action by the CAC are recommendations to the Board and do not establish CVSan Policy or directive to staff.
  • Coordinate all activities with CVSan Board and Staff.
The CAC does not assign work to CVSan staff. The Board takes CAC recommendations under advisement and is not obligated to accept such recommendations. CAC members may use CVSan office facilities and equipment to conduct authorized Committee business as available and authorized by the General Manager.

Apply to be a Committee Member
If you are interested in being a part of the CAC, please complete the application below, or you may submit a letter of interest to Public Outreach Specialist Mike Nelson, 21040 Marshall Street, Castro Valley, 94546.
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