Easement Program

Sanitary sewer easements give Castro Valley Sanitary District (CVSan) the universal right to use a portion of private property for maintaining the wastewater collection system. This provides CVSan with access rights to repair, replace, inspect, enlarge, change, maintain, test, and/or remove the sewer main inside of the easement.

CVSan Sewer System Facilities Map

Enter your address into the map below to find out if you have a sanitary sewer easement or manhole on your property. Green lines mark sewer main lines, and manholes are marked by yellow circles. Easements are typically five feet on either side of a manhole, and along the sewer main lines, however, easement size may vary. The location can be determined from recorded maps available from Alameda County or a Grant of Easement document. If you are unfamiliar with the size or location of your easement, contact your title company or CVSan at (510) 537-0757.

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Who owns and maintains the easement?

How do I know where the easement is?

Can I make improvements in the easement?

Who can enter my property?

Why do CVSan employees need to enter my property?

Who do I contact about CVSan easements?

Are there penalties for locating structures or improvements on an easement?