Zero Waste

The Zero Waste Department, ensures that residential and commercial customers receive quality organics, recycling, and garbage services at reasonable rates from Castro Valley Sanitary District’s (CVSan’s) contracted hauler. The Zero Waste Department ensures compliance with federal, state and local regulations including a mandate to reduce materials sent to landfills, along with a requirement to appropriately discard hazardous materials, which helps to ensure proper long-term management of our resources and the environment.

CVSan is an industry leader in zero waste programs and has won many industry awards over the years for communications, design, and programs. CVSan has had curbside recycling since 1991 and food scrap recycling since 2001 and has accomplished significant waste reduction. We pride ourselves in serving the community and the environment by looking to higher solutions to reduce waste beyond recycling and organics. In addition, CVSan has a goal of zero waste (90 percent or more diversion) by the year 2029. CVSan’s Zero Waste Strategic Plan was updated in 2020 and is a document which highlights our vision and significant achievements.

The Zero Waste Department does public outreach work to keep the community informed about legislation, new programs and the best recycling practices. Through extensive 4Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rot or Compost) programs in the commercial, multi-family, residential and school sectors, CVSan works with the community on our collective path to zero waste.

ACI Truck Curbside Services_2021-05-04
Collection and Curbside Services
CVSan contracts municipal solid waste collection and processing services to Alameda County Industries (ACI). CVSan does not drive the collection trucks. ACI has provided recycling, organics, and garbage collection services since 2019 in CVSan. Customers also receive a scheduled Bulky and Reuse Pick-Up service, Textile Collection, and spring and summer Recycles Day events.

Reduce Waste
Reduce is the first, and most important, of the 4Rs because preventing waste before it happens is the best way to have the biggest impact. The CVSan community is on track to meet our goal of Zero Waste by the year 2029, in large part because we reduce and reuse whenever we can. There are many ways the CVSan community practices reduce, from bringing your own bag, to clothing reuse, to gleaning (shown above) and more.

Schools 4Rs in Board Room_2021-05-04
Community and Education
CVSan is committed to engaging the Castro Valley community in the 4Rs and zero waste activities. We offer a wide range of programs to build awareness and provide incentives for waste reduction. Community members have access to presentations and repair workshops, containers and signs to help sort materials, free compost twice a year, and more. CVSan also offers extensive schools programs such as 4Rs Field Trips (shown above), Green Ribbon certification with awards, as well as compost and mulch donations for schools.