Reduce Waste

Reduce is the first, and most important, of the 4Rs because preventing waste before it happens is the best way to have the biggest impact. The CVSan community is on track to meet our goal of Zero Waste by the year 2029 in large part because we reduce and reuse whenever we can. Get more information about the green practices that CVSan promotes and follow us @CVSan on Facebook and Twitter.

Round Shopping Rack in Thrift Store with shoes and clothing items for sale.
Clothing Reuse

Donate your clothing, shoes, and other textiles to local thrift stores so they can be reused rather than recycled or landfilled.

Food Donation Box with bottles, cans and dry goods to be donated.

Food Recovery

There are many food assistance agencies in the area that can take extra food (which hasn’t been served) that businesses and events have left over and get it to those in need.

Six residents wearing orange vests, working together under a tree to glean fruit.


Help harvest extra fruit and vegetables for those in need in the community. CVSan coordinates gleaning events once or twice a year, but you can always go gleaning on your own anytime.

Woman smiling and working on her laptop while sitting at a desk.
Go Paperless

There’s a lot we can do to stop paper from being made in the first place. From paperless billing, to digital reading, to opt-out lists, start reducing paper today.

Person making a grocery shopping list with refrigerator door open showing fruit in background.
Reduce Food Waste

Find great tips to make your food last longer and be smarter about shopping and cooking so you can waste less food.

Larger grey garbage cart and 20 gallon garbage cart side by side.
Reduce Your Waste Size
CVSan rewards you for reducing your waste. Reduce your garbage cart size to a 20 gallon and save money. *** As of July 1, 2023, the Reduce Your Waste Size program is temporarily on hold.