Community and Education

Castro Valley Sanitary District (CVSan) is committed to engaging the Castro Valley community in the 4Rs and zero waste activities. We offer a wide range of programs on zero waste topics including recycling and composting, as well as educational workshops for electronics and bike repair, school presentations and more.

Animation of Zero gleaning and picking up garbage for Earth Day.
Earth Day
Since 1999, CVSan has been coordinating April Earth Day events for Castro Valley. Get involved and help beautify and clean-up Castro Valley. You can even help glean and donate fruit to local food pantries. CVSan is here to help the community work together to protect our planet.

Two Green Heart volunteers pose for picutre in uniform blue t-shirts
Green Hearts
Since 2013, CVSan’s Green Heart volunteers have helped with local cleanups, as monitors for event recycling and composting, as well as gleaning. Everyone appreciates the work of volunteers who work together and help our community take the path to zero waste.

Display shelf at library with books and movies.
Library Zero Waste Books and Movies
Check out the catalog of zero waste books and movies CVSan donated to the Castro Valley Library. From repair tips, to fighting food waste, to zero waste living and more, there is something for everyone.

Recycled materials being processed at a facility.
Processing Facilities Tour
See what happens to the recycling, organics, and garbage once it is picked up at the curb. Get a view into where materials go and how they get processed. Review the “Dirty Dozen” list of common items that contaminate recycling and organics so you can help keep bins and carts clean for easier processing and ensure less ends up in the landfill.

Person repairing their bicycle outdoors.
Repair Workshops
Each year, CVSan co-hosts fun and engaging do-it-yourself repair workshops. Attendees learn about local resources and how to fix their broken items and prolong their use.

Teachers and students viewing materials laid out on tables during a 4R's Field Trip.
School Programs
CVSan provides technical and financial assistance to Castro Valley schools to design and enhance waste reduction and recycling programs. Through presentations and our comprehensive certification and award program called Green Ribbon, schools are on the path to zero waste.

Five residents participate in a Reduce Wasted Food workshop preparing food.
Zero Waste Week
Since 2016, CVSan has been presenting Zero Waste Week as a way for the community to get engaged, inspired and involved in more practices for a zero waste lifestyle. Events during the week provide opportunities to share and learn about ways to practice the 4Rs – Reduce Reuse, Recycle, and Rot and to build awareness about the issues facing our planet.