Who We Are

Who We Are
The Castro Valley Sanitary District (CVSan) is a small public agency organized under the Health and Safety Code of the State of California. As a California Special District, CVSan has responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the sanitary sewer collection system within the unincorporated community of Castro Valley. The District also is in charge of the administration of a refuse collection franchise, the District's 25% interest in a wastewater treatment facility, implementation and administration of State and locally mandated recycling programs, as well as District participation in sub-regional wastewater discharge and solid/hazardous waste management agencies.

Mission Statement
Castro Valley Sanitary District (CVSan) is a public agency that provides wastewater and solid waste services (recycling, organics, and garbage) to the community of Castro Valley. This includes maintaining 160 miles of sewer pipes, eight pump stations, and 90 public garbage and recycling cans on Castro Valley Boulevard. CVSan also owns 25% of the Castro Valley/Oro Loma Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) and participates in the management of the WWTP’s ongoing operations. Quality service and reasonable rates are standard practices at CVSan. CVSan was founded in 1939 and serves over 64,000 residents and 580 businesses in an 10 square mile area.

Wastewater Services
The purpose of the wastewater program is to collect and convey all wastewater produced within the District to the Castro Valley/Oro Loma Wastewater Treatment Plant in San Lorenzo. This is accomplished through establishing specifications for the construction of sewer lines, inspecting for compliance with those specifications, conducting preventive maintenance of the system, repairing and replacing defective elements of the system, managing flow rates to stay within the capacity of the collection and treatment systems. The collection system maintains approximately 160 miles of wastewater sewer mains and eight (8) wastewater pump stations.

Zero Waste Services
The Zero Waste Department ensures that residential and commercial customers receive quality organics, recycling, and garbage services at reasonable rates from the District’s contractor. The Department ensures compliance with federal, state and local regulations, including a mandate to reduce materials sent to landfills, along with a requirement to appropriately discard hazardous materials, which helps to ensure proper long-term management of our resources and the environment. In addition, CVSan has a goal of Zero Waste (90%+ diversion) by the year 2029. The Zero Waste Department works to keep the community informed on legislation, new programs and the best recycling practices via public outreach.

Business Services
The Business Services Department (BSD) of CVSan exists to provide management, supervision support, and assistance to the Wastewater Department, and Zero Waste Department programs. BSD is responsible for fiscal and business services, which include fiscal operations, human resources, public outreach, facilities maintenance, utilities, office equipment, Information Technology (IT), insurance, Board Member services, and other such services. Operational programs for the department focus on support services, programs, and equipment used by CVSan and its Board of Directors.

Service Area
The Castro Valley Sanitary District, located in Castro Valley, CA, was formed on July 25, 1939 and provides for the collection of wastewater and oversees the collection and proper handling of solid waste from homes and businesses located in its 10-square mile service area.