Decrease the Chances of Wet Weather Overflows

Rainstorm Impacts on The Wastewater System 101 – Here are some actions CVSan customers can take before and during rainstorms to help decrease the chances of sewer overflows.

  1. What is a Capacity Event? A capacity event occurs when the wastewater system reaches its volume capacity or is “full.” Heavy rains can cause wastewater system capacity events. This condition can increase the chance of sewer overflows on the streets and into people’s homes via their private sewer lateral or cleanout.
  2. What if I See a Sewer Overflow? If someone sees sewage coming from a manhole or is experiencing an overflow on their property, they should call CVSan immediately at (510) 537-0757 or after hours at (510) 506 - 5821.
  3. Reducing Water Use Can Help! During heavy rainstorms, customers can help decrease the chances of a sewer overflow entering their homes by reducing water use until the storm passes. This includes limiting doing the dishes, laundry, bathing, and flushing the toilet only when necessary.
  4. Check Your Private Sewer Lateral (PSL). Check the condition of the properties PSL to ensure it does not have any voids, offsets, or root intrusion. Customers can see if their property has a current Compliance Certificate at our Sewer Lateral Permit Portal If they do not have a current certificate, they can email to receive information on the steps to get a CCTV permit for a PSL inspection.
  5. Backflow Prevention Device - Property owners should have a backflow prevention device (BPD) installed. A BPD prevents raw sewage from flowing back into a home should there be a blockage in the private sewer lateral or the public sewer main line. They should ensure it is clear and in good working order before a storm arrives.
  6. Other Ways to Prepare - Property owners that have experienced flooding and sewer overflows in the past should sandbag their homes to prepare for upcoming storms. Sandbags are usually available at local fire stations or Alameda County Public Works.