Alameda County Industries (ACI)

Alameda County Industries (ACI) is the franchised hauler and provides services to Castro Valley Sanitary District (CVSan) customers for recycling, organics, garbage, and construction and demolition debris.  CVSan has a contract with ACI to provide these services. To lodge a complaint about ACI, or if you are not satisfied with ACI’s services, please contact CVSan at (510) 537-0757.

      ACI Customer Service can help you:
  • Report a missed pick-up.
  • Replace or repair a damaged cart or bin.
  • Start service in Castro Valley.
  • Schedule a Bulky & Reuse Pickup.
  • Answer questions about billing and other service-related inquiries.
  • Request Used Motor Oil Recycling Kits, Paper Garden Bags, and Extra Service Tags.
        Alameda County Industries (ACI)
Office: 610 Aladdin Avenue, San Leandro
Customer Service: (510) 483-1400

For up-to-date information on ACI services as it relates to COVID-19, please visit

Castro Valley Sanitary District (CVSan) has a 10-year municipal solid waste (recycling, organics, garbage, and construction and demolition debris) collection and processing agreement with Alameda County Industries (ACI) from May 1, 2019 - June 30, 2029. ACI is the franchised hauler who provides services to CVSan customers for recycling, organics, garbage, and construction and demolition debris collection and processing.

ACI has provided collection services since 1997 and currently contracts with the cities of Alameda, San Leandro, and San Ramon. ACI’s main office is located at 610 Aladdin Avenue in San Leandro.
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Who is Alameda County Industries (ACI)?

Where should I place my carts for collection?

What are the hours for collection?

Where do CVSan's materials collected by ACI go?

What services are provided by ACI to CVSan customers?

What items go in the recycling cart or bin?

What items go in the organics cart or bin?

What items go in the garbage cart or bin?

How do I recycle used cooking oil?

How do I recycle used motor oil? Filters? Other auto fluids?

How can I recycle used textiles?

How do I recycle batteries?

How do I recycle paint?

What if I have an item to dispose of that's not listed on this page?

I received a Courtesy Notice or a Non-Collection Notice. What does this mean?

I live in the Castro Valley Canyonlands area. Are my services different with ACI?

What are the service bundle options?

I am a property owner of a single-family dwelling and rent the property to tenants. Who can the bill be sent to?

Carts and Bins: Who owns the carts and bins? Who owns what is placed inside the carts and bins?

Collection Vehicles: Are the ACI trucks "CNG" and are they "semi" or "fully" automated?

Exemptions: I am a single-family resident. What kinds of exemptions are available?

I own or manage a commercial business. What kinds of exemptions are available?

Home Composting and Food Scrap Recycling: Where can I get more information about home composting?

Single-Family Cart Capacity and Extras: Can I get a 96-gallon cart for my recycling and/or organics? Can I get a second cart?

I want to downsize to a 20 or 32-gallon garbage cart because I generate less garbage, and/or I am recycling and composting more. How can I downsize my cart?

How do I handle occasional extras that do not fit in my cart?

I have extra cardboard that won't fit in my recycling cart. What do I do?

I have some unusual items to recycle. Where can I get more information about what to do with them?

What the locations and hours of operation for the Alameda County Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) facilities?

How do I obtain a sharps disposal container? Where are sharps accepted?

Where can I take expired medications?

I have a construction, demolition, or renovation project at my property. What do I do with debris generated from the project?

My recycling/organics/garbage cart was missed during collection. What do I do?

One of my carts is lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair. How do I get a replacement and about how long will it take?

One of my carts just needs a repair to the lid, wheel(s) or axle. How do I get my cart repaired?

My neighbor leaves their carts out longer than 24 hours before/after collection day. What should I do?