Your Rates

On June 1st CVSan’s Board of Directors unanimously approved Ordinance No. 187. This ordinance will decrease the rates charged for solid waste collection by - 0.50 percent. These changes will be effective July 1, 2021. This rate decrease for CVSan customers is based on the latest detailed rate review for this rate period. CVSan uses a third party to review solid waste service rates on an annual basis, and wastewater service rates every two years. In addition, as part of continuously striving to find the balance between providing exceptional service at a cost-effective rate, CVSan staff devotes significant effort to analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of potential rate increases.

Here are other ways you can save on your Alameda County Industries (ACI) bill:

  • Reduce your Waste Size - CVSan single-family residents (four units or less) are eligible to receive a one-time $50.00 credit on their next recycling & garbage bill by reducing their garbage cart down to a 20-gallon cart. Bill payers may request a downsize by calling Alameda County Industries (ACI) at (510) 483-1400
  • Apply for an Exemption - CVSan single-family residents can apply for a Curbside Exemption or a Garbage Exemption if they meet certain criteria. For more information on exemptions and to apply for an exemption please contact ACI at (510) 483-1400

Sewer Service Rates

Sewer Service Charges fund the costs of the maintenance, operation, and replacement of the facilities necessary to collect, treat, and dispose of the wastewater generated from your home or business. CVSan uses the Alameda County Tax Rolls as the primary method of collecting the Sewer Service Charge on an annual basis. This line item shows up on the property owner’s property tax bill under the Special Assessments section. CVSan has one of the lowest rates in Alameda County and lower than the average annual charge in the State of California. Learn more about how your sewer service rates are calculated and the rates review process.

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Recyclables, Organics & Garbage Rates

Alameda County Industries (ACI) is the franchised hauler and provides services to Castro Valley Sanitary District (CVSan) customers for recycling, organics, garbage, and construction and demolition debris. Learn more about how your recycling, organics, and garbage rates are calculated and the rates review process.

Interested in how CVSan's solid waste service rates compare to other solid service rates for single-family residences in Alameda County. Check out our rates comparison chart.